Potential Employers

Thank you for considering me for employment! I created this page to help potential employers find all the helpful information they may want to know about me in one place. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that are not addressed here.

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Last updated 6/15/17

CSUSB Web Services letter of recommendation preview

CSUSB Web Services Letter of Recommendation

CSUSB TRC letter of recommendation preview

CSUSB Teaching Resource Center (TRC) Letter of Recommendation

Best Qualities

Organization: whether it be code structure, files, or manging my time. I like to make everything run as smooth as possible.
Adaptable: when it comes to web programming, I love to learn new skills, and can usually pick things up pretty quickly.
Punctual: nobody likes their time being wasted, and I can assure you yours wont be waiting around for me.